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Charitable Marketplace Ministry

Join the compassionate Marketplace Ministry work of FAITH CHRISTIAN OUTREACH CENTER in Plainfield, New Jersey through our Haven of Hope missions ministry. It researches and identifies areas where our church can help people in need of financial as well as physical assistance. Haven of Hope aims to meet the needs of unfortunate individuals both in the country and abroad.
The Robinsons Couple - Missionary Work


Staying Mission Minded

FCOC is focused on serving our community. That is why we are appealing to kindhearted members and individuals to donate grocery items to us to aid those in need of food.

Our church also offers Benevolent Fund. Get in touch with Heaven of Hope for a grocery bag or the Deacon Ministry if you are looking for a Benevolent Fund Application.

World Mission Fund

Contribute to our World Mission Fund today. Collected funds are donated to World Vision International® as well as to other agencies to support poverty-stricken families, people without access to clean water and much more. Our Mission Focus program is held every fourth Sunday of the month.

Volunteers and Donations

Volunteers are highly encouraged to join our outreach programs such as our Marketplace Ministry. Our church also welcomes donations in cash or kind to support our community and foreign Marketplace Ministry. 

 Contact us in Plainfield, New Jersey, for more details about our community-based Marketplace Ministry.

Marketplace Ministry Opportunities

  • Dried and Canned Food donations are stilll being accepted for those in need.
  • LOCAL MISSIONS - Unity in the Community Outreach.  - FCOC is asked to sign up for a give away table or volunteer to set up or serve at one of the outreach tables. Outreach date is Saturday, June 24th.   
  • GLOBAL MISSIONS - Life Outreach International - Help give life and hope to over 400,000 hungry children in South Sudan, Southern Africa.  Your gift is due Sunday, June 25th. 

**Please note:  Donation destinations may change due to other disasters that may need funds.